Kamloops Outdoor Club


The Kamloops Outdoor Club was founded in October 1936.  It's purpose is to stimulate interest in the outdoors by creating fellowship amoung those with such interests and enabling them to make trips to areas which might not otherwise be visited.  The first clubhouse was an old farmhouse on Rosehill, southeast of town, which was donated by Mr. Egli.  This burnt down in 1941 and its replace was also burnt down in 1961.  The Club's present cabin at Heffley lake was built by members in 1963.

Early activities were centered on local hiking, interspersed with riding, archery and tobogganing, but more recent activities have included trips to more distant areas, canoeing and cross-country skiing.  Many alpine areas have been visited during the yearly week-long alpine trip, while frequent weekend trips have been made to areas of interest in the Interior of B.C.  Regular local trips are still the mainstay of the Club's year-round activities.



The Club has an executive group consisting of a president, vice-president, secretary, treasurer, cabin custodians, programme co-ordinators and past president.  Elections for these posts are held each year in the fall at the Annual General Meeting.  For more information read the KOC Constitution available on the website.