Participation on Hikes or Work Parties:


Using the Current Programme or the Calendar on the website you must contact the listed leader of the outing you are interested in prior to that outing. 


For a local day trip, a few days ahead is usually good.  The leader describes the outing (difficulty, length, etc.) and gives the information re meeting place, time, and car-pooling. 


We car-pool to all trail-heads, winter and summer.  For trips requiring clearance or 4x4 vehicles, participation is often limited.  Out of town multi-day trips are usually booked full as soon as announced and are restricted to members. 


It is important to choose outings that match your level of fitness and experience, and to be prepared with appropriate footwear, clothing, and pack with water, food, etc.. 


On all outings where car-pooling is done, we have a KOC Carpooling policy - for details please read it and ask for clarification if needed. 


On all outings, leaders determine the number of hikers/skiers that they feel comfortable leading, or are suitable for the circumstances of the outing.  If you call late or are not a member, accept that you may not be able to go on a particular trip.



Reviewed May 2019