1/2*   A half day walk up to 21/2 hours. 


1*      A shorter day hike. Not over 300m (1000ft.) vertical and/or around 3 to 31/2 hours


2**    A medium day hike. Not over 600m (2000ft.) vertical and/or around 4-5 hours


3***  A longer harder day hike.  Over 600 m (2000ft.) vertical and/or around 51/2-8 hours


4*** A very long hard hike. Often around 1100m + (3600ft.+) vertical and can be 8-10 hours



1)      any extra features such as exploratory, scrambling, scree, unbridged river crossings, backpacking, etc should be noted in the write up.


2)      Any variation of average pace for the stated star rating should be noted in the write up.


3)      Hikes can be marked with a +  or as 2-3*** if the leader wishes to note the hike is at the top end of the grade and possibly bordering the next grade.


Grades will mostly be determined by the length and leader's judgement re difficulty.

Ski Touring:

Grades will be determined by length/time/difficulty in many cases, especially on groomed tracks.  At Mt. Morrisey we have an informal grading system based on the effort required to climb part or all the way up the mountain.

a)2**  not above the top of Lynx

b)2**- 3*** the mid trails around Martin and Fisher

c)3*** Any trail route requiring the 2hour plus to climb to the top of Morrisey.

P.S. Discuss with the leader any concerns you may have re degree of difficulty, speed, length, exposure etc. It is impossible for any general grading system to address every individual issue in detail.